Lucas Leite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Reviews

  • Professors Lucas Leite and Marcelo Mafra under one roof !   Best place to train in SoCal period.  🏁 TEAM CHECKMAT 🏁

    Jon Dizzle
  • To be the best in the world you must be open to learn and train with the best.. they build and make champions out of every one...there is nothing more wonderful than training with the athletes who prove it, Day after day , month after month , year after year. World champion after World Champion.. come and test your own limits.. discover what and who you are under the forging... Ossssss

    Kevin-James Gonzalez
  • This is the best BJJ school in the IE for sure. Not only do we get 1 world champion we get 2 who are multiple time world champions. Professors Lucas and Marcelo are both top notch and it’s an honor to be a part of the fight studio and checkmat family

    Rob Ayala
  • A Jiu jitsu treasure in Upland! Professor Lucas Leite and professor Marcelo Mafra teaching classes everyday! Simply the best of the best

    Michael Zeid
  • Great place to train if your looking for world class instruction right here in the I.e. then look no further with multiple world championships and other success in coaching ufc fighters such as vitor belfort etc. And professor mafra being an mma veteran himself I am fully confident in the instruction and knowledge professor lucas & Marcelo are passing on to us!! So if your looking for a great place to train Brazilian jiujitsu for competition, self defense, or even as a hobby look no further and get the best of the best to help yoi reach your goals!!! 
    Family oriented, no egos , everyone is willing to help each other get better love this place like my second home!

    Eleno Almanza
  • Amazing instructors are hands on with all details. I really feel like ive learned something that will improve my technique after every class. There are students of all experience levels and everyone seems so friendly. It also turns out the head professors are WORLD CLASS practitioners, so I know the techniques being taught are effective against even the highest caliber athlete's.

    Arto Emm
  • I may be biased for training here....
    but not too many places in this area have three-to-five (or more) black belts showing up at the same time to teach and train alongside with the white belts.

    Plus, this place is headed by two of the finest World Champion Jiu-Jitsu competitors, Lucas Leite and Marcelo Mafra.

    Training at a high-level with the Checkmat team will only make you a better Jiu-Jitsu practitioner no matter what level your individual goals may be.

    Whether for self-defense or becoming a world-class competitior, bring your body and an open mind and come down and train!!!!!!!

    Marlon Entrepinoy Maglaya

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